Holy shit I have no words which can fully express the degree of passion and conviction of my love for Kirisame Marisa. She is a figure of perfection and I am inspired and motivated to do my best at the mere thought of her. Marisa is beyond just a beautiful and idealized anime girl. Let me elaborate.

She is a metaphysical embodiment of the sentiments and desires of the modern man, her existence as perfect as the constellations in the sky on a clear winter night, as if it needs no justification just because it is the natural order of things. You will never find a better and more sublime combination of the traditionally feminine and more modern ideas represented in a character in all of human canon, from ancient times to today or beyond. Marisa is like an ethereal beauty under the brush of a master painter of old Europe. Her beauty is ethereal and transcendent, yet at the same time unwavering through the ages.

I want to be around Kirisame Marisa so fucking much. It is driving me insane. I want to see her broad and seemingly careless but very sincere smile every morning as we pass our greetings to each other, while I do whatever silly errand that is really just an excuse to be in her presence. I can think of no other desire whose fulfillment could possibly bring upon me any more joy this this.

Marisa...She acts a little dumb at times but in reality is very well educated and also very intelligent. When you realize this it becomes absolutely endearing. She is casual and proud, acting callous occasionally, but deep down she really cares about her friends and the community, becoming very flustered when you point it out to her. This is just one of many facets of her that is extremely complex and worthy of contemplation, like the elegant and delicate flavor of fine Japanese green tea combined with the strong warmth of roasted rice in a cup of Genmaicha.

I want to pass by her little house in the woods every morning, and come by for tea whenever I have the time as the only regular to her magic shop. We will eat together and spend our idle days together basking in the sun. I will tell her all of what I know of the outside world and in return I will listen to her passionate lectures about magic. The reward is much more than enough to justify the perils of navigating the dangerous environment, for the prospect of death at the hands of youkai is nothing compared to my love for Kirisame Marisa.

Perhaps on more adventurous days we will journey across Gensokyo in whatever pursuits our hearts desire. We can soar across the skies of gensokyo or go borrow books or terrorize the fairy population, but regardless of what I will revel in each passing second because I am in the presence of Marisa. On the days of rain and storm I will come to her side, for she is really quite alone for the most part and would be about the last person to tell anyone about her problems or pain unless you show her your sincerity.

In the world of Gensokyo among supernatural monsters of mythology and literal gods, Kirisame Marisa keeps up with those around her by hard work alone, out of a sense of her duty to her friends and community as well as her strong passion towards beautiful magic and danmaku. This is genuinely inspiring and motivational. I want to become a figure like Marisa. Sometimes I listen to her themes and get a desire to make the best of things as I am reminded of her.

And some day I would like to take her hand in mind and look deeply into her amber eyes, revealing the most inner and concealed side of her that is delicate and gentle. I would move mountains to have her at my side and hear her whispering voice among the cicadas on a cool summer night. Imagine feeling her warmth and hearing her soft and quiet breathing as she falls asleep after a long day of work, resting her head on your shoulders.

It is truly cruel that fate has set us apart. But despite the vast gulfs of dimensionality between us my love for her persists, and every night I long for her voice and touch.